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Originally Posted by Pomo View Post
If you want to feel the full brunt of their brilliant marketing, here is a near-as-comprehensive-as-it-gets list of the slogans organized by year. It is neat to see how they evolved. The first few slogans were more marketing and less fluff, not much rhyming.
Thanks for the link Pomo, learned a bit. Didn't know they'd started as early as they did, and...

At the height of their popularity there were 7,000 Burma-Shave signs stretching across America. The familiar white on red signs, grouped by four, fives and sixes, were as much a part of a family trip as irritating your kid brother in the back seat of the car. You'd read first one, then another, anticipating the punch line on number five and the familiar Burma-Shave on the sixth.

7000!?!?!? That's a lot of signs!
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