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Originally Posted by 3Putt View Post
I'm looking for a clean way to mount an XM puck to my Hepco Becker side case rack. The rack is flat top and bottom with round edges. I'd like to fix a plate that I could attach the puck to or maybe a small box to put the puck in.

I don't want to use a RAM or tech mount. I'd like to be able to walk into a hardware store and come out with everything I'd need. I have no idea what's available and am looking for some help.

Here's a pic of what I'm trying to accomplish.


Depending on what you have available for a plate, if it's thick enough, you could countersink a flat head bolt, drill through rack and secure with locknut. Something like a giant fender washer might work but probably not thick enough to countersink.

You could also use a ubolt if you don't want to drill the rack but the ends of the studs will be a problem.

Find a mount either metal or plastic that has a small tang and hose clamp it on.

I think the cleanest solution is a countersunk bolt right through the rack. If you can't find something, I have plenty of aluminum rod and can make one up in a minute on the lathe and send it to you, you'd need the bolt and nut. No charge of course

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Just checked, Mcmaster has jumbo washers but you need to buy 5 or so in a 3" size and it ends up being $20 with shipping for one washer.

How about a hole saw? You can drill a nice piece of wood with a large diameter hole saw and you'll get a puck with a hole drilled automatically. Get a thin (probably 1/4" shank due to drill pilot hole or thinner) bolt of any variety and cinch it down so the head crushes the wood enought the head does not protrude. Use 2 sided tape to secure or the industrial velco like on ez pass.
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