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With solid pivot pins, the only holes are bottomed and for allen wrenches, the factory data says " vents through pivots" ???? Swingarm pins solid, FD pins solid, and screwed down rubber boots fore and aft . Along with factory warnings to "not grease bearings" ? That is why I assumed there's air where grease is sposta be comment . That along with the sorry. lame a$$ so called seal that come with the SW bearing . It;s a hard plastic spacer, and little more . IMO Beyond abnormal air venting, ie. " thru a bearing", there was no venting in this swingarm . That prompted me to drill the SW and put the undersized cotter pin in same hole .
I'm not reallly that worried about 'venting'. Factory data can be wrong - I see it in aviation. If there is any atmospheric pressure changes inside the swingarm as it goes through its travels, for all I know it goes back through the seal into the final drive - and then vents overboard (I have very little faith in the FD input seal because mine pukes oil forward when I'm handling it during maintenance but somehow is oil tight when the bike is in service - and please no one suggest that I change it because its faulty). I have replaced this swingarm several years ago due to PO damage caused by a failed shock and inspected and greased the swingarm bearings then. No big deal. The bike is up on a hoist and I'm prepping to dig into the shaft any day now - here's hoping that the shaft re-grease is uneventful.
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