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Originally Posted by sailah View Post
Find a mount either metal or plastic that has a small tang and hose clamp it on.

I think the cleanest solution is a countersunk bolt right through the rack. If you can't find something, I have plenty of aluminum rod and can make one up in a minute on the lathe and send it to you, you'd need the bolt and nut. No charge of course

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Wow, thanks for the offer! I'm not ready to drill a hole in the rack yet but yes, that would be the way to go.

I think the tang with hose clamp sounds interesting. I've also considered using adel clamps and hanging a plate between the two supports. If I did that I could use Dual Lock and be done with it. A sturdy piece of plastic would probably be good enough I think. My main concern is it looking like home-made ass when I get done.


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