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Originally Posted by spdjnky View Post
Thanks man.

Sorry if I hijacked your thread a bit Andrew.
No worries. I'm still over here scratching my head while playing with shim stacks Actually the more I'm reading the more I feel I'm getting a better grasp on things. For my birthday, my brother bought my the Race Tech Suspension Bible. It's been good reading that, along with various writings online. The only difficult part is that each and every tuner has their own theories as to what is "best". I'm right now going with what I feel I should have with the suspension feel. Or, more or less, what I think would be the most ideal for me. It'll be trial and error, that's for sure. On the upside, the only real cost to myself will be oil every time I change the suspension, so it's not the end of the world.

I've really been analyzing this picture (from Shim Restackor's Manual)

I've been using the above picture, with following the damping curve in relation to damper velocity and basing things on that, and not so much on actual stack force. Right now I'm attempting to make the Low speed damping similar to stock, with the high speed damping a bit more open, to allow for more compliance on the rocks, roots, etc. I keyed in for high speed the damping over 100-150 in\s area. At this area, I've made it a bit softer than if the clickers were fully open. I'm also planning on opening up the rebound damping a bit as well. I gotta play around with that a bit before I get a good idea of what I'm going to do, mostly looking to make it so that on those high speed bumps, it lets the front wheel drop back to the ground as quick as possible. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to toy with the mid valve compression stack.

I know I'm making a pile of changes at once. I know that's a tricky proposition, especially with the fact that it's winter & I won't really be able to test ride this thing in the trees for a few months. Not much I can do about that, other than live with it. I can't really make it any worse can I?

Back to work for me.

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