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Originally Posted by bluesman View Post
My take on it...
Long time ago in far far away galaxy Indian was one and only true american sportbike. They were not all show, they actually were fast bikes aiming at being sporty to some extend. E.g. they were basis of US racing motorcycles. They were winning Isle of Man TT. They made Scout, they made Prince, they made Four. They were favored by "wall of death" riders. They were winning Daytona. Etc. etc. They were cutting edge. Engineered. Fast.
I do have big fat book on Indian history that was given as present to me by my friends, I always wanted Scout for myself.

Naturally I always thought that if Indian would be brought back it will be first proper fast US made V-twin "classic" design bike, not another overweight unsuspended damned cruiser. Something a-la Mr. Buell meets modern fast Indian twin engine.
It is highly disappointing that with all industrial, historical and knowledge potential of US motorcycling life it keeps producing same boring and unsuitable cruiser bikes.
I know US industry can do better.
Thank you. This is exactly what I've gathered from reading about Indian's history. They were like the Ducati's of America back then. Bikes for the sport rider. OG performance machines.

Why don't Americans build anything sporty? I thought it was so cool that Harley made the XR1200. I thought American companies were actually making progress towards the taste of the modern generation. Then in 3 years is gone! Back to the same old comfortable, slow, soft and lazy crap and it's just keeps selling. Maybe all you baby boomers with your soft lazy, automatic transmissioned car driving tastes should stop dictating the market segment and just die so the next generation of us can get the products we actually want.

Otherwise I'm just going to deal with the rain and move to Europe.
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