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I just had a driveshaft rebuilt by Bruno in Canada.Not a GS this time, but still a BMW with the very same U-joints.And that one spins much faster.... I think his recommendation is lube at each tire change. It now has over 10,000 kms and is on my bench. I may just remove one of them U-joints and see for myself how much grease is left. I bet there is plenty and then I'll make up my own mind as to the lube intervals.

His recommendations for lube is Synthetic grease, so I just went to the marine shop and bought Amsoil synthetic water resistant.

If I have a chance I'll dig up my pics, may interest some as to what I found for cause of failure on some of them U-joints. Looks like moisture may just seep in between the yoke and U-joint caps, create corrosion which in turn tightens up the caps over the needles/cross....creates more friction/heat, grease runs out and then the joint fails. I sure found corrosion between the caps/yoke and wear marks inside the caps that almost exactly match with the outside corrosion.

So prevent that ingress of moisture, I coat the outside with very sticky grease, as in cable grease out of the 5 gallons buckets at work.I don't think there is anything stickier on the market. Sure was still all there when I removed my driveshaft after 10,000 Kms.

Or.....I could also show my parts to Mr. Jackd, may have some time and will be on the big island toward the end of January. Clean enough to put on the table at Starpucks, they are BMW after all.....
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