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My computer's been down. Using Babe's tiny HP is hard on my old eye's, can't see the keys to hunt and peck properly. Also, the images are washed, so I get my unit back on line and see that most the pic's I posted are saturation fried. To go back and fix them all would be the shits, so just squint or imagine you've sipped some of Swamp's eye drops and are peeking.

Hey, Aj. It's a pity the best selling bike in the world is not available here in the States. Met a fellow in Twin Falls that got a hold of a Cub, badged it “Moped” and has ridden it for years, sans plates, and never been called out on it. Bullet proof little buggers. Honda started selling little push-rod step-throughs here and noted the highest sales to population average was in backwoods Idaho. As it was a bike designed for urban use, they sent a sales rep to investigate. He found we Bubbas were scrapping the front finders, adding large back sprockets and using them for things like reaching high trout lakes or hauling out elk quarters (Yum... elk). Two years latter they introduced the first CT trail-bike to the US market. When they added an overhead cam, then transfer case to replace the task of adding a length of chain and pulling out the larger trail sprocket, they had a winner. The same smog regulations that killed the importation of Cubs also killed the CT110.

Idaho CT-90 (my '68)

Today's post brought to you by, hops.

...and cubs.

Papa, would you like your old cell?

Yes, please.

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