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Strong Bad,

The "floatation" issue is not a valid issue that was raised in the OP, especially on a tire that is likely 20-60mm wider and smaller in diameter and circumference. Floatation would not come into effect until substantially wider and ballon style tires would come in to play like on a "Fat Cat". Then speed and street ability is gone. Even the issue on whether a bike should float on sand has been in question. You can not steer without a rudder even if your boat floats, you must have a rudder to have directional control....same on sand.

I love the back and forth discussions here. However when I am wrong I have admitted it and digressed. I am not wrong this time.
110x18? Nope bigger fatter wider than that! I guess I wasn't the only guy who was wrong back in the day because it didn't work!Allow me to bring in a discussion over on the Dirt Bike History 101 thread after I complemented Deadmanridin on his choice of front wheel:

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Right on the money Strong Bad! Dunlop K70 350x19 with a 325x17 Trials on the rear. Look at the size of that tire! Not only great for soft sand, But absolutely destroyed any pucker bushes if you happened off the trail. I still dig seen the orange 76 ball on the rim lock!
But then, I've never been there or done that nor have many others As my wife says: "You are welcome to your own wrong opinion!"
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