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Here is Henge's Race Report

The 2012 Baja 1000 was probably the most anticipated baja 1000 of all time. Coming off of our Baja 500 Overall win in June, this was making the Baja 1000 even that more great.. With the way the points were working out, Out of the (3) teams in contention, who ever crossed the finish line first would win not only the Baja 1000 Race but the Championship as well..
My journey to this years Baja 1000 started right after the Baja 500 in June.. I wanted to be ready and ready for anything that might be thrown at me for the The 2012 running of the Baja 1000. My team (THR/Monster Energy Precision Concepts Kawasaki) was ready for battle.. All of our testing and prep went as planned and we learned alot and applied it to our program.
Our team consisted of Robby Bell, Dave Pearson, Destry Abbott and myself. I believe we had the strongest team out there..All of the guys did a great job prerunning and learning the course.

So here is my story of when I got on the #8X THR MonsterEnergy Precison Concepts kawasaki.
David Pearson Handed me the bike In Loreto, BCS. About 9:30pm. After Davids great ride, the bike came in and we did a full pit... Front and rear tires, Fuel, Air filter, Brake Pads, check oil, everything.. That pit was amazing.. Bob Bell, Ty Renshaw, Flying Phil, Tim Gomez, The Pearson Clan, Robby Bell, and Dave Pearson even after getting off the bike. All these guys made it for a great fast FULL PREP pit stop.
when the bike was done I Jumped on the bike about 4minutes 40 seconds behind the Honda bike.. I knew I had some time to make up but I was ready for the challenge.. After months of training and a couple of weeks of prerunning i knew this was the moment when all of the hard work was going to pay off.. My first section was from loreto to Insurgentes.. during this first section i kept calm, put my head down and rode that motorcycle like it was suppose to be ridden. In this first section from Loreto to Insurgentes i was really confident, especially when i was seeing the Hondas Lines in the corners where they were starting to accelerate in the corners and I was already accelerated. Right there gave me a rush.. i knew I had to be making up time. But I just didn't know how much.. When I got to Insurgentes for my first pit, the Pit went really smoothly.. We used the BAJA PITS and they did an awesome job as a gas and go pit.. Flawless.. especially when they gave me a new time split of 2minutes. :) That even pumped me up more.. My next section was from Insurgentes to San Carlos Hwy. We were getting into the Nasty FOG Section. I knew that there might be some fog in this section and i knew what i had to do.. Keep focused and keep moving forward. everything went good in this section. there was one particular water hole that woke me up. Sometimes the fog changes things and it sure did this time.. But a little High speed maneuvering around the water hole and we were back to business. When i reached the San Carlos highway BoB Bell, Robby Bell and Phil pitted me again with just fuel.. and of course a time split.. Robby informed me that the time split was just under 90 seconds. =) I was like YESSS!!!!! I had made up another minute in a very fast section. My next section was San Carlos Hwy to Santa Rita, This is the section with the notorious WHOOP section thru the cactus forest that everybody dreads. As I made that left off of the highway and headed for the whoops i knew it was going to be very foggy and this is where i had to do it. I had to push thru the fog and whoops Harder than anyone else. I had to catch and pass that Honda in this section. I knew I could do it.. I wanted to prove to everyone that I was still KING of the NIGHT!!!! After about 20 miles i started to see something in glimpses.. I was seeing light. I kept pushing for miles and all of a sudden I could see him. I couldn't believe it.. I actually could see the back of the Honda. I was ecstatic.. At this point i was just reeling him in. I was starting to plan my pass. I figured I would pass when he would pull into his pit in about 5 miles, I was about 10 seconds behind him. i knew that in 5 miles i Would be right on him and the game would be over.. I would just pull away too the finish.. BUT then Tragedy struck me.. =( I couldn't believe it . The bike popped and coasted to a stop I kept kicking the machine in hopes it would refire. To no avail she was done..... I pushed the bike for awhile but then the sand was too much.. I had to stop pushing in the sand. I waited there in the dark for what seemed to be hours for the next bike.. Thanks to NIGHT RIDER, My new Night riders were able to let me look around while i was pushing my bike and also while i was waiting for help. When Kurt Caselli came by he stopped and and he went to the next pit and told Dean in which told BOB bell where i was and that I was safe.. Thank you Kurt. In the mean time a family that was camped way out in the middle of nowhere came along and picked me up. Kurt had also stopped at there camp and told them i was broke down. They ended up giving me a ride out of the middle of the BAJA out to the Highway where my team happen to be waiting at this random dirt road. We came to this BAJA to win Like we do for EVERY RACE. Our outcome is not what we wished, But we did have the competition running scared in the night..
I want to thank THR MOTORSPORTS, Monster Energy, Precision Concepts, TroyLEE Designs, Night RIDER, Bob Bell, Scott Jacobsen, Rob Sims, Ty Renshaw, Factory Phil, Tim Gomez, Baja Pits, and the entire Team for riding Hard and not giving up.
See you next year!!!!!
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