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I like you Strong Bad. You have a great stick to it-ness about you. Even when wrong yet many times again.

I rode a Hodaka as well. I rode fast. It was capable of being ridden fast. In 1971 I loved it. By 1981 it was antiquated.
By your logic we should all ditch our water cooled, reliable, 12" suspended, aluminum framed, high performance machines for a seizure prone, 6" suspended, noodle framed, heavy for its size, beast just because it was the bomb back in its day.

You have not addressed any of the other places you are wrong....when we found out what BP was building, what the orignal issue was....

You are also very wrong on you size comparisons. WAY wrong. I never said 110-18 as you state. I said, and I quote "110/80-19" " That would be the tire size that is common on many heavy weight dual purpose bikes today like a BMW GS/GSA or the Yamaha Super Tenere or a common size that might be used on a Sporty DS conversion.

You are also very wrong on your size comparison of the tires you show. WAY wrong. Modern tires are measured on the metric system. My 90/90-21" is 90mm wide at the widest point generally when aired up, it is 90mm tall in side profile when aired up and new. It fits on a 21" rim, Not a metric dimension but it is the standard.

The tires you show on the Hodaka and sizes you give are measured in U.S. inches. You forgot the decimal point in your post, but that is ok, you forget alot of things. The tire in question you show is actually 3.50x19" which equates to 3 and one half inches wide and gives no sidewall profile and fits a 19" rim. A metric conversion shows that 3.50 or 3-1/2" converts to a mere 88.9 mm. The tire on the front of my KTMs or YZs are 90mm wide a full 1.1mm wider that your Hodaka tire.

And a common ADV bike tire that as I stated would fit a GS or Tenere being a 110/80-19" would actually be 4.3333" almost a full inch wider than your Hodaka tire. Tell all of the people that have converted their big GS bikes from a 4.333" wide x 19" tire up to a narrower 90/90-21", like Jimmy Lewis AND his wife that the fatter smaller diameter tire is can't.

If your argument is that you Hodaka tire was better because it was wider than a common 21" tire, you are wrong.

You are not the only person to have ridden those bikes. Maybe you are one of the few who are stuck in thos days and think progress has not improved bikes, but again you would be wrong.

I love the old and vintage stuff, but it is in NO way Better than modern stuff. Fun- YES. Historic-Yes. Iconic-Yes. Nostalgic-HUGE Yes.....better- NO WAY.

I will buy you a beer if we ever meet and have a laugh or two with you and not argue, but for now, Come ON man...ever watch MNF? Come on man.
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