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tallpaul63, thank you for the notes.. Its great to hear peoples suggestions and thoughts when they return..

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I have found in my Baja travels that "out of sight" is the best security for your bike and belongings. The other rule I follow us "if you can't afford to lose it, don't bring it with you."

I primarily stay in hotels, so the bike comes into the room with me at night.
I have been trying to work my way into this logic.. I'm headed down in a few weeks and gradually keep taking items out of the pack list. I always have a laptop or tablet with me and have decided the Samsung S3 will do everything I really need as far as wifi, skype, email etc. so the electronics are staying home. I have also been trying to decide on which camera, I hate to come up short on quality photos though. I have consolidated to the point I will have no gear outside of the pelican cases and a givi top box which I'm hoping will deter as much theft as possible. The Zumo and Spot Connect I can throw in my pocket if I want to walk away for a period of time.
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