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Originally Posted by Skowinski View Post
But - I would not trade the experience for anything. I'm sure I'll remember the days of racing when I'm an old(er) man, and a smile will creep across my face.
I think racing is about trying to win something, not just have fun. Of course, a taste of winning early on can be a path to financial ruin...

But one thing is everlasting, motorcycle racing is an exclusive universe. To become a motorcycle racer will live in you the rest of your life. And to good effect.

With all those track days, I would have a fairly high expectation pretty quickly for the OP. The real eye opener for him will be bumping up to the experts. But no matter, he should go out there and get his share of it. I'd say he's ready.

CCS is a great forum to do it too. His area has produced a lot of great racers. Grids are strong. It's all good for him.
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