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Originally Posted by NoLuvJustRespect View Post
I have a 1980 YZ 465 and I have a REALLY nice set of gold rims to put on it, but when I went to put them on my break hub won't fit on the gold rims (about a 6 1/4" hub) and my gold rim is a 5" hub. - I think the gold rims fit a 1981 YZ 465 (which is a 5" hub!) Could you tell me if I am right or wrong on that? and also the axle pin is bigger on the gold rim Thank you! ;)

Welcome and congratulations on you ownership of an '80 465. I am assuming you are talking about the rear wheel?

Wait here while I take some measurements....

ok, I am back. The 465/490 rear hubs measure about 5 7/8 inches diameter across the steel brake drum. I am not sure where you are taking your measurements but try comparing to that.

You may want to verify the stamping on your rim to make sure it is not for a YZ125 or 250. The YZ465/490's should be stamped 18 x 2.50.

On the axle diameter. The 1981 and later axles are larger diameter. I fitted a yz 490 rear wheel into a 1980 yz 465 swing arm but it required milling the axle slot to accept the larger axle spacers etc. You have do something about the brake plate too. If you look back a few pages you will see the modifications I did to mine. Should be right around here,

Hope this helps, let us know how it turns out!

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