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Here's my 2c worth(less)

Bio: 63 yrs. old, ridin' 49 yrs. Owned many types, styles etc. From '67 Big Bear to Tenere. Not all that many (serious) miles, just for fun and pleasure. Both sons ride (1-- all over the place, now on Tenere). I rode WABDR with him this summer on my DR650. Other son on DR and Seattle son on Tenere. Also have NX650 (21" front). I live in N. Mich., lots of gravel, sand (some deep). For MY riding "pleasure", I first noticed nice tractability on gravel at moderate speed seemed better on the TDM (that I recently purchased) and that urged me to try the Tenere. (btw: sold FJR - not practical for up here). I really ENJOY the Tenere's handling of gravel, washboard, eroded, some light sand and that it seems to be the ideal bike for my old (titanium hipped) ass. I surely do not have the experience of ya'll, but as an avid rider and fairly analytical of my riding, I can see where the argument for a chubby, 19" front may be the ticket for enjoyable handling in somewhat precarious riding environments. Your analyses are duly noted and I only wish I had done the riding that a lot of you were able to do. Different lives, times, demands. Just trying to help, BP.
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