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I first saw Laos from Nong Khai in the mid-eighties, and was curious about the place, which at that time was closed to most foreigners. I got to visit a couple of times in the late nineties, on a visa run and a bit of a break from work in Thailand.

I enjoyed the laid back feel of the place, and the nature of the Lao people. There was an elegant composure about them that made the Thai people seem quite brash by comparison.

There was a small town feel about even Vientiene, that has been long since lost in Thai cities. A friend in NZ told me I should catch up on another friend of his there. I had just checked in to a guest house and was going down the street when a big Chev pick up stopped outside a dry-cleaning shop. When the driver got out I thought he looked like a Kiwi, so I fronted up and said "Are you Hank?"

He was... within an hour or so of being in the country I had, perchance, caught up with a guy I had hoped to meet. He had been living there for ten years by then, and is still there, well ensconced, with a Lao wife and a couple of kids.

I took a bus up to Luang Prabang; a long slow trip through some magnificent countryside. The town, the old royal capital of the country, is majestically located, at the junction of the the mighty Mekong and another river, with mountains all round.

Your pictures bring back some memories.

I thought at the time I would like to return to travel the country by motorcycle..... you've done it; well done, and thanks for sharing.
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