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Originally Posted by Montauk View Post
I am trying to track back to my question to BMW Rep from NJ for him to recommend me to go with Standard GS with low seat option. I had shown my 30" inseam limitation and need for a lowered suspension to him. With Standard, I barely got the bike off the stand and was tippie towing.

Someone here mentioned that Dynamic ESA is not available with Low suspension for the WC. I searched google and could not find the answer. I wanted to confirm this.

Called my local dealer, he said with current model ESA is not available with low suspension, but he could not confirm same holds true for the new water cooled GS.

Does anyone have any answer, or have talked to the BMW rep and gotten any answer whether Dynamic ESA is available with Low Suspension.

.... I wish I was 6 foot tall, and then I wouldn't have had these problems.

Have you had the opportunity to mount the h2ohead? I found the seat and seating position much more accommodating to those of us that were short changed in the leg department. And the overall ergos fit me much better than my '05 even with the changes that I made to it. You may find that the bike may not need to be lowered.

Oh, and about your question, I have no idea about a lower ESA version.

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