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Originally Posted by BAZZER450 View Post
hmmm this really does need some thought .. As we are going to have two riders outta 1 truck ... and the speeds will be different between the 2 riders . i guess the course will have to be released and liason times posted to see the margin of safety you have on transit .. fuel will be an issue. Do you think the chase will have lotsa time to get from the start to the finnish of the specials? you guys really have me thinking this might be an issue. What do you think the biggest time difference could be and still keep up ?
We had two bikes with one support vehicle and the speeds between the riders was pretty big. Our rule was to just assume that we where on our own and if the truck was there, then it was a bonus. Lots of gas stations along the way on the transit sections, the stages are the problem. After spending all kinds if money just to get here, why not spend a few bucks for a bigger tank? It's insurance right?

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