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Originally Posted by reed10 View Post
Thanks for the quick response. I have a old Nuvi 200. I added a 4gb sd card so I would have plenty of memory. I have never messed with maps on my gps.
I have it on my 86 Honda xl600r using a ram mount. I found this thread last night and was tempted to take the day off of work today and go ride. Is there a group of locals that go riding? I would like to join sometime.
Well back to my issue. At the end of the poi loader it says "no valid data was found in the specified folder, therefore no data was written"
Thanks again for the help
OK, you have a unit there that won't work with tracks nor routes. Even if it did work with routes, Nuvis will murder an externally route created route anyway by recalculating it when it's loaded. You'd have to insert bunches of via points or waypoints on the route using Mapsource or Basecamp before loading it on the unit, to try to force it to recalculate it using the correct roads. And going off of an established road really blows its mind. I found all that out the hard way in the middle of forests in the mountains.

The following might work, though. If you send me your email address via private message (click on my screen name, then "send private message to", I'll send you a "gmapsupp.img" file of the GPX file. It'll be a transparent image file, with just the route highlighted in magenta. Connect your GPS to your computer, and load the gmapsupp.img file either into the unit's "Garmin" subdirectory or to your SD card's "Garmin" subdirectory. If you already have a gmapsupp.img file in either place, feel free to rename it gmapsupp_OLD.img or the like first, then rename it back later if needed. Once you have the file loaded and the GPS disconnected from your computer, when the GPS is back in normal mode instead of mass storage mode, see if you can find the colored lines of the tracks where you expect to. If not, go through your menu settings on the Nuvi and look for "Map info" and see if you need to enter a check mark to activate the supplemental map. On my 750 the supplemental map just shows up automatically. I create the IMG file with a $20 program called GPX2IMG. If this process doesn't work for your 200, it shouldn't hurt anything.

Using transparent image overlays is how I'm able to use tracks on my Nuvi 750. It's wonderful, for the GPS isn't trying to out-think you and send you down an interstate, it's just displaying your City Nav maps with the tracks overlaid on top. If you see something interesting off-track, you can easily go explore and then just make your way back to the track without your GPS going bonkers trying to recalculate.

I've got to spend the next 2 weekends Christmas shopping, as the weather up until now was too nice to spend doing that. Would sure rather be riding, though.
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