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I'm interested to see how this plays out. I think Victory has a better engine than Harley. I draw the comparison only because that is who Vic is targeting. But the Vic styling is just out there. I've bought some fugly cars, but I'm not likely to buy a fugly cruiser just because Arlen Ness approved the paint scheme.

Indian could help Polaris grow. Separate Victory and Indian to create two distinctly separate lines. Perhaps Indian gets the classy look and Vic stays modern? Maybe we'll see the Vic lineup change to include sport bikes and dual-sports?

The car industry has done this successfully. Create a new brand and market it upwards. Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infinity....

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An "upscale" Indian is exactly what is NOT needed. I agree that Indian should go in some other direction than just v-twin cruisers (though I would still just rather see it gone) but they should be affordable competitive bikes, not high dollar expensive junk that nobody could afford. I don't drive Japanese cars, but if I did it would be a low end brand. IF I had the money to spend on an expensive car, it would be the real thing, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, something European. (and yes, despite their quality, I will always consider Asian brands as "copies" of American and European brands)

Neither Indian nor Harley Davidson started out as super expensive luxury models, like, say, Brough Superior. They were bikes that almost anyone could buy. Harley became high end by marketing and a lot of luck. People fell for their marketing big time, and they became more than a motorcycle, they became an entire culture. I would not count on that ever happening with Indian, or Victory, or Triumph. Ducati has come a long way, and their price has gone way up, but they ARE Italian, and they do have a real heritage. And their quality has also improved dramatically. But many people still own and ride them as a status symbol when a cheaper Japanese bike would work just as well.
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