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Learn how to strip off the gas tank, plastics, upper and lower fairing, etc.,
and know and carry the proper tools to do it road-side.

Then when you have it apart, start armoring all the wiring with harness split loom and hockey stick tape. Open up every electrical plug and harness connection and pack it lightly with dielectic grease.

Get lots of blue loctite for bolts and nuts. Understand, or learn, what bolts are important to be "torqued" to certain specs, and which ones are not as fussy.

Don't over torque the oil filter cover access bolts, or the drain plug bolt.

Get crash guards.

If you are riding two-up, carrying a load and doing lots of miles, consider carrying a spare set of front and rear sprockets. Or, buy the sprockets and a new extra chain and give it to a friend you can count on to overnight it to you when you need it badly. Do the same with some extra tires. And a SHOP MANUAL. And buy a spare clutch lever and spare stock shifter lever. And a spare manual petcock for the gas tank.

Just the ravings of a complete mad-man here.

I have a 2009 with about 28,000 miles on it. It has been an interesting but good journey thus far.

Ps: learn WHICH bolts are made from old gum wrapper foil. Foot peg bolts come to mind. Frame bolts also can be upgraded, there's a kit you can buy if you like. Couple links for you
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