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Originally Posted by danketchpel View Post
I have a KLR and a Vee, not a bad combo. I think I'd suggest a clean used Wee for your first and only bike to have in the garage. Compared to the KLR it's suitably modern with fuel injection and 6 gears, MUCH smoother, close to 2x the power, much better on the road but still capable off the pavement up to a point. I've done 400 mile days on both bikes and only care to repeat it on the Vee.

The price on a used Wee won't be that much more but you'd be getting nearly 2x the bike and you would most likely want to keep it longer.
I totally agree...but for this guy who is returning to riding after a long vacation, I don't think the Wee would be a good bike to start on. The KLR is lighter (though not 'light') and much easier to handle. And he will drop it, so having something easier to pick back up would be a plus.
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