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Originally Posted by River Pilot View Post
Hello BlueLightning,

Noted and adjusted. New overview map for 2013 and beyond requested from Trans-America Trail.

What did you think of the new route? What were your average hours of seat time and distances daily?
Both times we went, we had large groups. 13 the first time and about 8 riders the second time. That makes it a bit slower going than a small group of 2-3. Generally speaking, 200 miles/day is a long day and takes about 8-10 hours depending on your speed. A good avg to plan on overall including stops is an avg 25mph which means it takes about 8hrs to go 200 miles. Faster riders in smaller groups can definitely make better time than that though, but that's a good avg for a basic dual sport rider.

For the most part, I liked the new route in TN compared to the old route, although part of me missed the 4 slick water crossings that were great for some crazy pics, but they were a double edge sword too if you went crashing down in them. I still felt the TN section hit a lot more pavement for my liking and some of that was obviously stuff that had just been paved in the last year. Over all though, the TN route remained scenic and very rural roads and was still very enjoyable. I think its just the nature of where the TN route goes. If it dropped down into N. GA and/or N. AL I think more dirt could be incorporated into the route.

MS was definitely a lot better than the previous route and very enjoyable. There is lots of good dirt and gravel in MS. The MS hill country routes were really enjoyable too.

I still need to make it out West on the TAT, but living in the SE, that's a bit more challenging time wise.
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