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Rick and I did a little comparison testing last night. We set up 550' from a mostly deserted 'T' and aimed at the signs. He has a a set of PIAA 910's and a set of Warn 2" HID's. We blanketed off the the main headlights so we could compare just the Aux lighting.
You know the old saw of 'pics don't do it justice'? Very true. He did captures off of his Go-Pro Drift set up, less than stellar results.
From the vantage point of behind the bikes: The Cyclops had better 'whiteness' and longer throw than the HID's. LED's are also instant on/off as opposed to the warm up cycle of the HID's.
Rick rode down and looked back towards me- he said the lights merged into 1 intense beam from head on and were blinding at that 550' range, once he got off to the side a bit the individual lights stood out.
Riding back through a few twisties- great cone of light shooting ahead of you, however their needs to be fill to the sides. Possibly another set angled more outward or a set of driving LED's would do the trick.

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