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Originally Posted by IDWPUNK View Post
You guys are riding all of the bikes I am considering buying (the DR, DRZ and the WRR). I would appreciate it if you could briefly provide your observations about the relative strengths and weaknesses of each of these bikes on a ride like this. ie. How did the DR do on sand and off road? Can the DRZ keep up with the bigger bikes on the slab? Was the WRR underpowered? Does the 6 speed gear box on the WRR allow it to keep up with the 650s on the slab? Overall, which bike was the best for a baja ride like the one you took? I don't want to start a debate or anything, but I would benefit from your perspectives.

All of these bikes did well for the type of riding we did. I've owned a KLR, DR and currently a WRR.

The WRR with the 6 speed is a plus on the slab. The newest technology of the bunch with fuel injection, decent suspension, good brakes and high wattage for running accessories. The lighest of the bunch but still heavy for a 250.

The DR did fine in the sand, and this one was running a Scotts damper. Also has a Cogent rear shock and Ricor Intiminators in the forks Its a work horse that gets the job done with fewer moving parts.

Can't comment on the DRZ (don't have much seat time on one) but it did great on and off road and seems to be a good bang for the buck.

Best bike for Baja depends on the type of riding. All of these bikes except for the KLR will benefit from a fuel tank upgrade.

Some of the other guys may chime in also.
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