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Originally Posted by Pedro Navaja View Post
It's called "Gallo Pinto." They served it to you wrong. You are supposed have an over-easy egg on top of the rice & beans. Then you break the yoke and mix it all up.

It's gross. We used to eat that stuff 3 times a day, forever. My dad hated our cuisine because we don't have any. Standard Costa Rican cuisine is to throw an egg on top of anything.
Didn't know they did that - they always gave me a choice of how I wanted my eggs and served them like that. I actually wouldn't mind the egg on top thing - I like doing that sometimes. I guess when you aren't having beans and rice daily you kind of enjoy it. I did. My oldest daughter spent a few weeks in Costa Rica a number of years ago and has commented many times since how sick of rice and beans she was.

Originally Posted by Pedro Navaja View Post
LMAO! Now you are in my old neighborhood. So Cartago has a hotel now? And of all the names to give it they call it El Guarco? This is hilarious. We lived in Cartago in El Tejar del Guarco right up from the El Quijongo restaurant. Not a nice neighborhood. Even worse now as I hear it's full of Nicas.

You got some great shots of our topography and vegetation. I love that about the place. Cartago, you are in fog city. It has a microclimate there all of it's own. If you get a chance ride up to Irazu. On a clear day you can see both the Pacific and the Atlantic. If it's cloudy and you make the ride anyways, you will freak when you get above the cloud line.
It's in the southern part of town on the highway in an industrial area. There was another hotel I passed coming down the hill into town - it looked like a nice setting and I almost turned around for it. Didn't notice any others on the way through town.
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