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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
Hey Michael,
I'm pleased you've been following along. I wish we could have met up in NOLA....meeting Nesbitt would have been awesome (esp. if there was a Confederate around!). It's hard to not find interesting things in New Orleans--we'll have to sync up next time I do this. ;)

As for the backpack--I actually have a Kriega 10L inside my backpack to keep everything dry. :)

Regarding saddlebags--they're great when you're with your bike, but my stuff is too valuable (and necessary) to leave sitting on a bike luring thieves. And lugging saddlebags is a pain, as is fitting the PVC I'd need to keep it from getting sucked into the tire. Backpack goes where I go and keeps my hands free (to carry my helmet and the 20L).

I can say first hand to anyone thinking about scoring luggage/bags that Kriega makes top notch stuff. Only one suggestion, Michael--that 20L bag would be even better if it had a dedicated handle! :)
Yeah - JT's a good lad and quite a character. Funnily enough he doesn't actually own a Wraith, but there is one of the other models (I forget which) kicking around. Along with a super hotted-up KTM Duke, Bimota SB8R, '42 H-D Knucklehead (fascinating, yet hideous to ride around the lunar landscape, they call NOLA city streets) and various other 'bitsas'. Plus, the Stinkin' Lincoln (Katrina flood-damaged Mark VIII, gutted and reworked, then forced to go 200mph at Bonneville a few years back).

Not mention this little beauty:

The Magnolia Special: entirely hand-built by JT and powered wholly by compressed natural gas. Amazingly, it drives just like it looks. Jay Leno wanted to buy it, but JT didn't want to sell.

And finally, the bare bones of his latest labor of love. Named The Bienville Legacy, the engineering behind it has the potential to be something of a game-changer. I'll just say 'supercharged Motus V4' and 'leaf spring', then leave it there:

Links in the pics, if you'd care to click.

Good to know you're liking your US-10 and 20 packs. And I hear what you're saying about backpacks being ideal for your kind of travel. Not to get all spammy or anything, but you might want to take a look at our R series packs (specifically, the waterproof R30) - the harness system is unique and removes any stress from the shoulders / neck area. Plus, you can quickly strap your US pack (which will have come with an included shoulder strap) on to any backpack for carrying off the bike. That said, we might well be adding a carry handle to the US packs in future. In the meantime there's a solid workaround using one of our Haul Loops that I'd be happy to share.

And, as you don't seem all that enamored with the license plate assembly on the Duke, a set of our US Alloy Hook Straps (which are now standard on all packs) might enable different mounting options (including across the seat, as well as in-line as you have it right now), so you wouldn't need to Photoshop that incongruous chunk of cheapo black plastic out of any more photos.

Hopefully you don't think any of the above is some kind of thread-jacking hard sell - I just tend to get a tad OCD about luggage (kinda goes with the territory!) and figured those few suggestions could help lighten your load. I know it's a little late in the ride, but feel free to shoot me a PM if you'd like fixing up. No charge.

Either way, like I said, gimme a shout anytime if you feel I could be of any assistance whatsoever.

Keep up the good work and enjoy the ride,

'Ave it.

BritKit LLC
US Distributor of Kriega Motorcycle Luggage / Facebook / vendors thread

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