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[QUOTE ....and no welding on the shaft to accomodate the circlips grooves. That reminds me I should check the specs vs OEM, he may be using a slightly shorter U-joint to do that. Need to do more comparisons, a few driveshafts here to do just that. Pivot $67.00 each! Good thing I like to maintain mine, and take them apart with the dental pic. Still using the old BMW Red Jelly on them, got to finish that tube.... almost done after 20 Yrs or so. May switch to Amsoil Synthetic, now have lots of that.[/QUOTE]

If he's using a smaller u-joint - something with a smaller 'spider' - would that not mean that the needle bearing contact area would be shorter? This would put higher loads on the needles and give them a shorter life span. And would not the smaller size give less travel capability to the u-joint - something you don't need with the GS?

The pivot bearings were $65 a few years ago when I bought them - I only bought one. The parts guy questioned this because the notes said that they were a one use item and suggested that I change the pair. I replied that I knew all about these bearings and my method would work just fine.

What the hell is 'royal jelly'? I'm using a red aircraft specification wheel bearing grease for my various areas of application - it seems to hold up well here but I see it getting ugly when exposed to moisture on our aircraft.
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