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Dec 2 - 4 Puerto Viiejo

Short, 200km ride to Puerto Viejo, some more scenery shots

I have noticed many varieties of coverings over various crops. This is one of many

A lot of different agriculture in this pic - on the flats and mostly the really steep hillsides.

Puerto Viejo a slightly touristy, laid back town on the Caribean coast. The gene pool here is definitely Caribean as is the culture. You would have a very high probability of hearing Regeae as you walk around town and about 0% chance of hearing Latin American music.

These locals were waiting at this bus stop the whole time I was there - guess they weren't in a hurry to get anywhere

Part of the beach. There are bit sandier beaches here but they aren't used a lot.

Found a great little hotel – Cabinas Guarana – about a block off the main street, locked parking, good wifi, hot water, room with 2 beds, large porch with hammock and little table and, quiet.

They provide a communal kitchen and free coffee and tea. Big grocery store at the end of the block and another a block and a half away. Nice, comfortable lobby. I could stay here awhile.

Some random shots at the hotel. Andreas - another Italian desk guy in Latin America

Help yourself to a banana anytime

The gardens outside the room

Sorry for the flower pics - it's my Ride Report and I wanted some flower pics!

Oh yah, this place has a tree house – how cool is that? Hauled my fat ass up this somewhat dodgy looking “ladder” – crawled out in the treehouse to look around. I’m starting to feel a bit woozey which is weird as I’m not too concerned about heights. Then I realize the whole thing is swaying in the wind. Makes sense as there is only a couple of tree trunks a few inches in diameter – not the most ridged structure. The treehouse is that thing sticking up above the fronds in the foreground.

Some of the ladder - looking down

Looking up

Looking over the town

See my bike in its little shed?

Decided to have a healthy vegetarian breakfast. They assured me that no cows died in the production of the cream filling . . .

Have I mentioned coffee? As I got away from Mexico I started to notice I was being served really good coffee. These countries in Central America are all coffee growing countries and the people seem to enjoy good coffee. Or, they were just waiting for me to come along to brew up a pot of really strong, black coffee, just for me. Either way, frickin outstanding!

By the way, nothing against Mexican coffee but the northern part of the country seems to drink mostly instant coffee (except in the Oxxos where they brew coffee) and as you go south, you are served more Café Olla – which is usually luke-warm, pretty sweet and not very strong “coffee.”

A couple of the meals I've had here. Curried fish

Chicken in a sauce that tasted a lot like a Mole but they called it something else. Oh, and my first Margarita of the trip

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