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Thumb Welcome Home Party?

Hi Antihero,

awesome, just awesome road report. I didn't know about this forum previously but joined as a result of being given the link to your thread from a member of a different forum I'm a part of. I gotta say it's very encouraging to read through it. I spent a little bit of time every day over the last week going through it. You are a champ for taking that Panigale in some of the off road/dirt tracks you found.

I commute about 80 miles a day to south San Jose on an R1 and have ridden much longer distances on it, so I get the reasoning behind your choice of machinery. However I am writing that from the comfort of my apartment not having actually riden across the country on a sportbike...hats off to you!

I gotta say, i think you've probably gathered a bunch of fans by now. Have you considered having a welcome home party in SF? If you pick a bar/restaurant in SF and coordinate your travel so that you officially end your trip at the location, you would probably get quite a few people coming out. I live in the East Bay and I would make the trek out to the city.

Just a thought. Either way, good on ya, looks like you had the trip of a lifetime.

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