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Originally Posted by HardWorkingDog View Post
Yeah, you're right; knew the clip was from Baja,
but figured Campbell had a similar experience last year in Dakar as did
whoever was in the navigator's seat. Don't think I could do it. I'd give a try, but
not sure how long I could last.
Being a Co-dawg In off-road is not for everyone, most people get car sick an after 50 miles are blowing bubbles after 100 miles. Most drivers can't handle co-driving and admit to never being willing to do it. I sat in the right seat in a Class 1 car for most of 09 & 10. As far as I'm concerned you are so busy, you don't have time to get sick. Your job is to watch the gauges, call turns on the GPS (much like a rally navigator) and watch your mirrors. At the same time you need to feel, smell and hear what the race car is doing. The other thing is you have to completely give your life away to the driver. I have two good friends that have been Robbby's co-dawgs (Bob Bower & Gregg Till) both report that he actually is very smooth and it doesn't feel as wild as he looks.
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