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Lone rider- I can't speak for Ross, but I can for myself, because I also string 1000 mile days together. I do it because I enjoy the serenity of the ride and I just enjoy riding a motorcycle! Do I get a feeling of accomplishment? Sure, why wouldn't I? I get a feeling of accomplishment when I finish adjusting the valves on my bike. As far as validation, I do it because I want to, not for a certificate or anyones approval, they are meaningless to me. I guess it boils down to " If I have to explain it, you wouldn't understand."
It is funny, I get up ride 250 miles to eat at a burger joint I like, get back on the bike and ride another 100 just to eat a danish that I like at a little bakery, look in store fronts while eating it, jump back on the bike and ride the long way home and not give it a second thought that I did it. My friends don't understand why I do it and I have never explained why, but I think Ross understand why.
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