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Enter the Bonneville

Not an Adventure bikes, but a new two wheeled adventure none the less.

I had a project 70s XS650 that I never finished and sold a decade ago. I realize some guys modernize these into cool street trackers, but honestly that was more of a commitment than I was willing to make at the time. It WAS fun for the retro factor since it made the right sound, shook like a paint shaker and looked like sex, but riding it was fun for a trip to yesteryear, not somewhere I wanted to stay for more than a quick novelty run. It was great eye candy in the garge. Like a grab a drink and just look at it awhile.

For so long now my bikes have been about purpose, with style being a distant second. I miss having a bike I could just go out in the garage and stare at for awhile. I've been eying the new Bonnevilles since they came out but it wasn't the right time until recently. A couple of weeks ago I bought one. It has cool for days and I've always wanted one. On paper the numbers were acceptable for an afternoon jaunt, but I didn't take this bike to serious. Just a toy.

Then I took her on some of my favorite local roads and was a bit shocked as to how much fun I was having. I haven't owned a real sportbike in years, but this thing is so small contrasted with my current rides that I couldn't help but feel a sport nature, quick steering but not nervous quick and low COG. Brakes are acceptable, but better than I expected looking at the two piston single disc. Injection has the Fueling spot on, better than a number of "premium" bikes I've owned with F.I.

Suspension sucks, but I can feel around that, easy enough to fix. Working in the garage today to bolt on an exhaust to make it sound right, and Works Performance for the rear. No it'll never be a sportbike but I'm sure it will surprise a few on my local roads and if I can't keep up, big deal, it's just a cruiser right?

And I once again have a bike that I can enjoy just looking at in the garage.

So a little adventure, breaking in an unfamiliar new bike with fresh tires in the rain on a road notorious for sand a gravel and now wet leaves. No ABS, no traction control, just the raw feeling of Man and machine making it happen.

You don't see me trying to take pictures like this of my Tenere or Strom tank

If nothing else this bike just rides so different than my others that it is fun for that reason alone. In a lot of ways it reminds my of my '78 SR500, which is the first bike that made me feel like I could hold my own in a canyon.

And at the end of the day it's still about Enjoying The Moment.

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