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Down to the Bay....

We get around... oil the chains and head for the East West for some tea, smoothies, coffee etc......

Then on over to Nick's Cove on Tomales Bay where we had an incredible lunch last year.

Shortly after this we take point Reyes Petaluma Rd off the PCH toward Necasio and another great place to eat/get a drink.
This road as well as most that cross the Coastal Mt range are TWISTY and FUN!

I go on ahead of Jess figuring I'll wait up at the next cross roads etc...

I end up looping back to meet her a bit sooner than I'd thot! haha I was crank'n about 70mph when I came up on a left hander that was tighter than I had remembered considering this much speed The back end starts to walk out so I chop the throttle a second... then back in it... it slides again... I chop it and brake... then back in it a bit just riding it out... then it slides again while I chop it and brake hard for the last time!

When I'm done I have saved it, but only a few inches away from the very edge of the road, with a slight bank and barbed wire waiting for me below.

This pic shows how far my tires were apart during this third and last slide... Mind you this isn't a slide to a stop, I'm still doin' at least 50mph when I end the slide, get her straightened out, and head for the next turn!

Man you can clearly see the front 606's knobby prints in that last pic... needless to say my adrenaline was about maxed and after hooking back up with Jess, I rode at a MUCH more conservative pace the rest of the day LOL!!!

I think we both have eaten more today than either of us had eaten all year jeesh, haha!

Ooooh boy fist time back in a city for a while...

We find the John Muir Home and stop in...

The night ends at the best Sushi resuarant either of us has ever eaten at...

Then we're off to find a camp for the night...

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