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Originally Posted by tinhead View Post
I'm calling shotgun on the RG FanWagon!

With a California shop, and the one in Charlotte, Robby could build a moon rocket if he wanted to.
It'll be great to see him in the Dakar again, I wonder if anybody will pony up the cash to run his second Hummer, and not that I could afford it but what's the pricetag on that truck?

Future in NASCAR? Dunno and can't guess. One dream would be to see his operation take on sportscar (endurance) racing, imagine how many French he could piss off by winning LeMans.
Asking price on the #2 Hummer is $1,000,000.
Rental and entry to the Dakar is only $1.500,000.
So you could rent it and do Dakar for 1.5 M
Or just but it outright for 1 M and find your own way into the event or another race.
Good luck, keep us posted on what your gonna do
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