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what attitude problem???
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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Well, I'd think that some minor HP could be gained by squirting 35 psi into an engine for a couple of seconds. Without putting it on a dyno it's hard to say how much, could be 1 HP or 20?

Really he was DQ'd for telling them they could "KISS MY ASS!!".
While I agree attitude was probably more the culprit of the DQ, I doubt the line pressure at the scavenging orifice on the intake is 35psi and it's definitely insignificant flow. The way I understood it is that the vacuum of the intake was the bigger advantage to deflating the tires just a few seconds quicker. 10-20cfm from a tire deflation system when that engine is probably sucking hundreds of CFM would be insignificant for overall HP
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