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I had never gone camping on a motorcycle. I spent the night before I left, packing and repacking, adding more things, sure I was forgetting some vital item. Surprisingly, I slept good that night. I was expecting to lie awake, like I did as a kid before Christmas morning.

I didn't need to hit the road real early, so I had some more pack/repack time in the morning. I didn't want to show up at my brother's too early, since it was Thursday and he was working. I have driven to his place many times and this would be the first time on a motorcycle. I had a new route all mapped out that would avoid the slab today. There would be plenty of that tomorrow!

I was on the road around 9:00. It was cool and cloudy, but the forecast said it would warm up and I was going south right? I headed south toward Wellsboro and continued on 287 South. This is a pleasant stretch of two lane through Pennsylvania farm land. A good road and not too much traffic on a Thursday morning, other than the trucks hauling water for gas drilling, of course.

I took 287 down to 220 and headed toward State College. Somewhere along this route, my Garmin decided I should head off in a different direction than I had planned. My cheap GPS doesn't support routes, so I mapped out my route with a bunch of way points, but its still left to the GPS to find the “best” route between way points. Instead of heading toward State College, I was going south on 445 over one of the many mountain ridges that cross Pennsylvania east-west like wrinkles in the earths crust. This sure was a bonus, about a ½ hour of slabbing on 220 and I80 was replaced by some twisties over the mountain and some more country two lane. Thanks Garmin! I would only curse you for the rest of the trip though.

My goal was to get to US522, which I could take all the way to Culpeper, Va. The rest of the trip through Pennsylvania was more of the same. Pleasant country roads with little traffic. Somewhere along the way I stopped at a gas station with a Subway to feed the ST and me. The route involved lots of pleasant riding through the country side, but I still made good time.

Pictures. Yeah, I didn't take a single one this day. I need to work on my motorcycle traveling skills. Once I hit the road in a car, I get focused on getting to where I am going. This has translated over to motorcycle trips. I need to slow down and enjoy the trip, not just the destination. Stop and take photos, maybe keep a notebook. These are all things I need to work on for my next trip.

I crossed through Maryland in what must be one of the shortest state crossings at only about 2 miles and into West Virginia! Two new states on a motorcycle in 5 minutes! Virginia was next. From this point on, the roads became more congested as I passed through Winchester and on to Culpeper. I pulled into my brother's driveway and scare his dog. She apparently had never seen someone with a helmet and gear, riding in on such a vehicle. She never totally got over that and was really nervous if I had any of my gear on. I had a great visit and a great meal with my brother's family. Tomorrow would be a long day and I hoped to be on the road early.

Base Camp says 357 miles for Day 1.
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