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You'll have to be careful when you install this - clean the inside of the rotor and crankshaft carefully and use a Loctite product on the shaft in addition to a new key. Often if a flywheel has been allowed to turn on the crankshaft it wears the crank so you can't get a tight fit and it'll keep shearing the key.

I once had a Bultaco that happened to - the crank was written off - it never held the flywheel for more than an hour before shearing the key.

It's a shame that engine was worked on by vandals. My '02 F650GS is still going strong after 110,000 kms and has never had anything but regular maintenance. It even still has the original water pump and seal.

the flywheel/magnet only moved about 1/16-1/8 inch clockwise. the CW rotation probably had a tighteneng affect on the nut, which is good. it was tight on the taper and needed a puller to come off which is also a good sign, i will clean well, use a generous amount of loctite 648, and of course a new key. since it never "spun" on the shaft, im hopeful that it will be ok.
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