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Originally Posted by runnin4melife View Post
I had an epoxy SNAFU on the original piece, I was making some spacers and had some residual epoxy left over and was just going to fill some cosmetic issues on it and for some reason the epoxy wouldn't cure completely. I figure since it was the bottom of the cup I hadn't stirred it enough. Anyways because I am frugal I spent 3 hrs sanding and stripping with acetone to get the uncured epoxy off the piece which was in random locations as some of it cured properly. Anyways after that I decided to apply some 3M rubber undercoat spray to this piece. This one will be my test platform for longevity. I will make a spare in case this doesn't hold up with the new modifications but I believe this one will get quite a bit of mileage, the new ones will be a lot better as I learned some things in the process of making this one.

That is some amazing work! If you have a little break from your studies and of course If you don't mind doing another one... I really really want one too... Just tell me your price +shipping costs to Europe :o). Count me in as a follower
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You can be imitated but not replaced. You're such a special blend the recipe is guarded like KFC's 11 herbs and spices.
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