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Getting to the good stuff

We continued north on 15D to Ciudad Obregon. Then we headed northeast on 12, and this is where the good riding began. The road didn't straighten out for hours, and when it did, it was a welcome rest for a few minutes. To add to the pleasure, the scenery was of tree covered hills...very nice. It was late in the afternoon when we finally connected with 16, and pointed east. And riding conditions only got better. The pavement was smooth and the twisties just kept coming. I rode 16 a few years ago and it seemed even better now, if that was possible.

The KLR rolling through a turn. Oh, and the weather was sunny and cool...perfect!

Matt W followed on his Beemer...actually it was one of the few sections that Matt wasn't leading. He has very detailed GPS mapping...not like mine. And since we like knowing where we are and where we're going, having him in the lead is a good arrangement.

Soon came a chance to be good samaritans...and we seized the moment.

While riding 2 up on a 125 (the bike of choice), the passenger's jacket got caught in the rear sprocket. What a mess. I gave them a knife to cut the jacket material loose, but it only went so far. The rear wheel needed to be removed in order to dislodge the material, so Matt got his tools out and they went to work. About 15 minutes later, they were ready to roll. Matt even shared his chain that chain hadn't seen lube in quite some time.

The knife couldn't get into the tight spots.

Matt even sharpened my knife after the guys took the edge off it...I'll bet Matt was a Boy Scout!

We made it as far as the town of Yecora, before the temperature dropped dramatically. The town was a bit sketchy, but we weren't going to find anything better down the road. When you are in the middle of nowhere, and there is no apparent source of serious income...and yet there are late model trucks with those spinner wheels, it makes you wonder. Our room was OK. We had a heater, 3 beds, and a bathroom...all we needed.

This is a typical convenience store, with the basics. Again, it has the necessary merchandise, just not a dozen brands of every product in several sizes...which we don't need anyway.

This is where we had dinner and breakfast the following morning. We managed to find it even without a sign. Lots of locals shared a small dining area with a wood burning fireplace as the only source of heat. The food was not fancy, but good.

In the morning, our bikes were covered with frost...the temperature was 25 degrees. We didn't have our earliest start that morning, but it up to 62 degrees before we left.

This pic is typical of the beautiful countryside we were rolling through. I got separated from the 2 Matts, after we took a mid day break. We reunited in Creel, late in the afternoon.

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