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"Most topes are good fun if you get off the seat a bit and your suspension is set correctly: each wheel rises and falls independently, the bike bucks twice without lurching, and you get to pass all the soot-belching buses and trucks which slow to near standstill at each tope.

Miss one in the shadows or neglect to come high enough off the seat and bad things are possible. Non-typical topes can also do you in--around here they're sometimes installed in a series which is specifically aimed at motorbike wheelbases, so that back wheels drop precipitously while front wheels are launched skyward, but cheaper variations (like the ones with a broad, flat top combined with steep entry and exit) are just as dangerous. Plus every so often I've found one which is actually taller than my bike's clearance, and the third bounce when the whole bike rebounds off my skid plate really messes with my timing.

But 99% of the time they're a boon to motorcyclists--fun, and a competitive advantage over other traffic. What's to complain?"


Mark, if you ride in Mexico everyday, they are nothing but a massive and dangerous pain the ass and the wallet.
First, you do have to slow down for them no matter how good your suspension is.
If you ride in Mexico, you go through more clutches, more brakes, do much more shifting, more steering head bearings if you don't keep them adjusted, etc...

A huge amount of them are not marked, can be of any size shape or material, can be any number, and most are made to simply control butthole drivers that insist upon speeding through towns and villages, past schools and hospitals, etc...

They are by no means fun. In fact, I have never heard of anyone describe them as fun. At least not anyone that has to confront them day in and day out and pay to maintain their own bike. Even a rental bike wouldn't be fun because it is not like whoop de doo riding on an MX track. It is pavement, slippery, and riders consider them to be a problem rather than any kind of solution.

Yes, my suspension is set up correctly. And no, there is no "typical tope". It is ridiculous to even think that.
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