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Good to know you're liking your US-10 and 20 packs. And I hear what you're saying about backpacks being ideal for your kind of travel. Not to get all spammy or anything, but you might want to take a look at our R series packs (specifically, the waterproof R30) - the harness system is unique and removes any stress from the shoulders / neck area. Plus, you can quickly strap your US pack (which will have come with an included shoulder strap) on to any backpack for carrying off the bike. That said, we might well be adding a carry handle to the US packs in future. In the meantime there's a solid workaround using one of our Haul Loops that I'd be happy to share.
I can vouch for the Kriega stuff. We used the Kriega Backpacks and I also used the US-20 tailbag during our trip from the SF Bay Area to Victoria, B.C. and back. I also used these during a few trips we did when we lived on the east coast and went from Miami to WV and back. We went through some absolute torrential downpours during those rides and not a drop of water got into any of the bags. I actually washed the bike a few times WITH the tail bag on the bike and everything stayed bone dry.
On this last trip I used the R20 backpack with the US-20. The US-20, along with some eagle-creek packing cubes, let's me fit a crapload of stuff (always think unpacking looks like a clown car unloading).
I'm with AH as to leaving stuff on the bike. All valuables (ipad, etc) are in the backpack with me.

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