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Next morning after the dance we head to a small old fashioned Diner for some B-fast... Inside it still looks kinda 50's ish.

The owner (yup don't have his name) is really friendly and shows us one of the old menus... from 1950-something... just as a comparison. Good stuff:) aaand once again goood foood with happy folks serving it!!!

Then we snuck back up to Petaluma for a couple smoothies at the Fruit in Motion cafe...

Met Hillary down the street at the coffee shop (which is also the bathroom for the juice bar?!?) typing on an old manual typewriter! Haha maaan I tell her I learned on one a those.... 44 words per minute, when I went electric it picked up to 55wpm. Now that I'm doing these R/R's I actually peck away! What you say?... I know craaazy! I need to get back to basics.
I thought she had a unique class about her.... aaand she was on a bike! Note her old school metal flake, pink helmet, when I ask for a pic she made sure to look as natural as possible.

Excellent moment... and a nice last afternoon spent with Jessica!

With another nice meeting of two kindred Spirits... albeit too short I might add, I hug Jessica goodbye and spin Des' up the PCH into the sunset. I have Rally's on this summers schedule and this is twisting my riding style out of it's ordinary come, go and flow as I may way. With just two out of 8 or something down, I'm already feeling the pressure and pressure is not something I try to put my self under these days...... hmmmm live again and learn.
Took all these on the fly and really like how the sunset filters through the trees as I get up north...

You can see the road here, just hugging the cliffs edge as it snakes its way along...

As the sun fades away i pull into Point Arena looking for some chow... I find it at the Phoenix. Inside it's quiet and cozy, with a couple cool cute chicks working and EXCELLENT food being served up! Also cool old Rock Poster Art on the walls...

Some of Steve's music will be making it's way into the Report asap!...

Due to the slowed economy I hear the couple who owned the Phoenix have closed shop and now run the Sign of the Whale Bar down the street:( I say a slient prayer for them, that they may continue happily on their paths.....

On up the coast to what some of you may already know is a GREAT stretch of highway.... the 22 or so Northern most miles of the PCH where it runs up over the mountains and out onto the 101. SUPER twisty aaand FUN!!! After this I stealth camp next to the Peg House in Legget, behind the old gas station, someone had left the bathroom door unlocked so I had a starry night above me and a can if I needed it beside me.... good night.

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