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Bad knees
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Actually yesterday: I Put it away until I receive CJ's WP upgrade!

I went for a little rain-ride to get some saddle time in and do some Xmas shopping yesterday, the first real ride after flushing the cooling system and changing the oil. At that time I knew the WP seal was probably leaking, there was a little coolant in the oil and the filter was deformed. I didn't think it was bad because the oil was pretty clean when I test rode it and when I changed the oil after putting about 100miles on it. I knew I'd eventually have to change the seal and shaft so I ordered CJ's kit a couple days later.

Anyway, I figured I'd be out more than half a day, maybe 150 - 200miles. I stopped at about 50miles (the coolant level was low) and checked the oil: It looked like cappuccino with extra foam on top! Called it a day.

Anyway, dummy me, I didn't ask the PO about the WP seal when I test rode it. I know, I know: caveat emptor. I was so excited to find a reasonably priced 990 I was blinded by desire! (for the bike )

What torques me off is that he didn't even hint that it might need attention. Oh well, lesson learned, moving on.
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