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This post is titled priorities, because it always seems like I'm off on some tangent that doesn't relate to vintage dirt racing on a 350 Honda Twin. Two weeks ago, my daughter in the Air Force announced she was getting married during her Christmas leave, to her Houston. Yikes. So with three weeks notice we are gearing up to fly to Texas and helping in any way possible to set up the wedding and make it all work out, and of course we will. As is typical, I'm juggling my duties as a parent, grandparent ( I have 4 grand-kids by my two other children) and of course a full time job, a shop with a bike being prepped for the 2013 MK1, my TTR250 prep for the D100 and of course the old SL350 that doesn't get half the attention I'd like to lavish upon it. Thus the title priorities, I do know how blessed I am, just saying that there is a lot competition for every waking hour.

So this weekend (my last chance to do anything in the shop for a few weeks) I had three projects to prioritze; First was our recently purchased older Motor Home (this will be our "adventure vehicle" until one of us wins the lottery and we can buy a proper UniMog!), with a leaky roof and in temporary dry storage so this can be addressed. Second is the TTR250 because if I don't start riding pretty darn soon, I won't be worth a lick when it is time to race. In addition to the D100 on April 6, I've told Luke I'd like to hit at least one, maybe two OMRA events prior to the D100. Third was to try and squeeze some time in on the SL350, and to do all of these things while also working in going to a basketball game my oldest grandson was playing in. Whew!

Working on the Motor Home roof, got one coat on all seams, need to do two more before we pull it out of storage;

TTR250 thread can be found here;

This is the last photo of the day on this project, good progress being made;

And a shot of the SL350 frame, with another possible fuel tank picked up off of ebay, I kind of like this one, but it will take some massaging to get it to fit;

That's all for now, take care everyone!
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