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Originally Posted by Garbln View Post
I'm 67 and have a stable of bikes, 2003 Kawi Vulcan 1600, 76 R90/6, 76 R75/6, 77 Yamaha XS 650, 73 Triumph Tiger, and a 70 Guzzi Ambo basket case. I ride the 2003 Vulcan the least, it's low so I can flat foot it, newer so it's reliable, and a pig at slow speeds. I only keep it to go on long trips or if my wife want's to go for a ride. The rest are smaller, easier to handle, and more fun. As far as getting a newer bike so I don't have to work on it, forget it! What else have I got to do? That's what keeps me busy all winter, preparing for summer riding. And if one craps out during riding season I have others to ride til I can get it back going. Right now I feel I could hop on any one of my bikes and go anyplace in the country, without a second thought. Well not the Guzzi as thats still in process. Anyway when you retire you need something to occupy your mind, body, and time. For me that's my older bikes, fishing, and shooting. I don't have enough time to devote to all my hobby's and keep the wife happy too! Poor me!
So I am not the only one that collects Guzi basket cases??? Nice to know. Mine is a 72 eldo. plus a couple two stroke projects. Will be 62 and retired in a couple weeks. Riding a 99 R1100GS as my main ride. 96K on the clock. Then for fun I have an 04 R1100S. I think about selling this bike regularly but it is too much fun and they do not seem to be worth too much. And then of course I have the /5's One with a hack. the hack will keep me riding for a long long time.
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