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Originally Posted by Meinbmw View Post
I know of a 1963 R series (600 c.c.?) BMW with original Steib sidecar. Less than 2300 miles on the clock.

Seller is asking $21,000 for it.

I have been wanting to get in the sidecar game, especially an older BMW rig, but I have no knowledge of the potential value of such a rig.

Can you give me your thoughts?

$21k is pretty steep unless it's a really nice rig and all the maintenance has been done on the bike. For that kind of cash I'd expect a rebuilt engine/trans/final drive (with the slingers done) and Steib S500 sidecar. If it's only got 2,300 miles on it and it's been sitting for a long time the price should be a lot lower unless it's been extremely well preserved.
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