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Originally Posted by DudeClone View Post
i am concerned about the Agility because the ad misrepresents it and tells straight out non-truths. it also doesn't mention mileage

if this person is so involved with the scooter why does he mention no oil to mix as it has a separate "tank?" its a four stroke so it doesn't have any of it

the rear spring is RED, not orange. it may have turned orange from weathering, but mine is still red after three years. i do keep it covered and don't rain ride, but still. that spring was never orange until it turned orange

no insurance needed? on a 125cc? not in my state (cali) and i believe most others. i need full motorcycle insurance

the scooter retails for $1899, not $2699. it did, but that was in 2005 / 2006. and the 2009 model here went for $1999

does not mention mileage

imo its not $1000 worth of scooter. more like....$650, tops. i just don't trust it and if i were buying i'd look for another. could be another Agility, but not this one



Yeah, I assumed that the Kymco was an injected 2 stroke from the ad. He either doesn't know what he is talking about or he is just another shyster and it is about 50-60 miles from me and that is too far to haul the trailer for a scoot from a shady ad.

I have decided not to pursue either of these particular scoots. I am not in a rush and my budget is $1000 so I am fairly confident that I will find one soon. Thanks for the reasoned replies.

BTW, insurance is not required on two wheeled vehicles in Florida unless it's financed and then the bank obviously requires it.

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