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Garmin rant

Ok, im officially ticked off at Garmin at their monopoly and dealer network.
In the old days(5 years ago) you could buy one online and save a few bucks. These things are totally disposable as Garmin controls their parts and won't sell them separately. My Map 60c had issues out of warranty. My Zumo 550 needs a new base contact plate. They want me to send it in and pay $250 to get a refurbished unit for a $5 part.
Ok so screw it, this summer I bought a new Map 62 with all the gizmos and bought extra maps. The new base camp software isn't as good as the old Mapsource. I don't want no Birds eye crap.The Map62 is very stupidly laid out in comparison to my map60.

Now I want a new Zumo 660. Garmin has managed to control its market and its $649 everywhere or higher everywhere in the universe. Thats their MSRP.
So I go to Radio worlds online "SALE" flyer and they are $650. Thats not on sale. Please someone correct me if im wrong but in the old days in Canadian consumer law, " a sale would be a discount of 7% or greater."
They advertise on the Toronto Scooter forum, "see our about sections for specials"
It doesn't exist. I emailed them and they say its 5% off but show your member card. What member card?

Thanks everyone.
I feel better know as thats off my chest.
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