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Soundtest and christmas

Hello, hello!

So this is, what happened today.
A long time ago I promised myself, that there will be a soundtest of the exhaust system and engine before the year turns to 2013. And so there was. The Djelcevic is pretty loud. Softly and mid to low note loud. Revving the engine it makes for abrupt rawr and then settles right down. All was well with the engine sound and the cooling started working right up - but i got the damn thing leaking oil from the bottom of the clutch cover. So You all know what that means. But it also sort of explaines, why the previous owner had the engine so full of silicone debry and all the seals were really messy and covered with it.
Hope it will be an easy fix and the next test will be a "dry" test
So - basically - have a nice Christmas everybody and let the new year come with good miles and riding weather, wherever your adventures take You guys/girls...
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